Learn How to make Money Online as an Affiliate Marketer for a Lifetime

Affilorama was founded in 2006 by a successful affiliate marketer and internet marketing coach Mark Ling. Affilorama is an award-winning online training platform for beginners and advanced online marketers who want to create success in the online space. The platform is one of the largest affiliate training programs, with a community of over 900,000 members worldwide. They provide training lessons using a range of content mediums, including blog posts, tutorials, and videos. The community members are also helpful and supportive. To join the membership program is completely FREE


If you are looking for an affiliate marketing program to help you make money in the online space, Affilorama can be a great option for you to get started. Read this article in its entirety to decide whether or not this training platform is for you.


Online training is very important if you want to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. These days, there are a lot of scams offering online training courses, so it’s vital that you conduct your own research before you start any training program online. Getting the necessary online training though as a beginner or affiliate marketer will help enhance your knowledge and improve skills to create multiple online businesses to make money for a lifetime.


In this Affilorama review, you will learn; what is Affilorama, its products,  if it’s legit, and its pros & cons. So, before you consider signing up for this free training program read my review below to have an in-depth understanding of the platform and tools.



Affilorama is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs for affiliate marketers in the world. The program is focused on affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), niche market research, website building, content creation, email marketing, and social media. The training includes video lessons, tutorials, PDFs, ebooks, and other learning materials.


As mentioned earlier, Affilorama was created by a successful affiliate marketer and internet marketing coach Mark Ling in 2006. The platform is an award-winning online training program for beginners and advanced online marketers who want to start a successful online business.


Affilorama has one of the largest entrepreneurial communities with almost 1,000,000 members worldwide. All members do get help and support on their learning journey to build a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch.



What’s amazing about Affilorama is that it offers free memberships to affiliate marketers of all levels; from beginners to advanced level. As a free member, you get access to free training videos, tutorials, articles, and other materials for Affiliate Marketing training.


Affilorama also offers premium memberships to advance your training as an affiliate marketer, with various products to choose from. Affilorama’s main premium products are as follows;-

  • Pathway to Passive (leads to a fantastic passive income)
  • AffiloTools (web stats for online marketers – Bronze, Gold, and Silver).
  • AffiloJetpack (get contents that sells)


Now, let us take a look at all premium tools above for a full understanding of each. 

Pathway to Passive

Starting off with this premium tool, Mark Ling has given some pretty good advice on how to not screw up in affiliate marketing. 


Path2Passive is more so focused on the importance of –

  1. Finding a profitable niche and products to promote.
  2. Targeting the right audience to buy your product.
  3. Creating engaging, interesting content that will rank well and boost traffic.
  4. Website building to showcase products and much more. 

To have full access to this premium Path2Passive book is USD 37, which is expensive in my opinion for an ebook, though it has valuable information for you to succeed in affiliate marketing. 


However, you have the option of a full refund within 60-days of purchase if you aren’t happy with the content, therefore you have nothing to lose!  


AffiloTools is an online tool to help affiliate marketers track the stats of their website. You’ll be able to manage and see the growth of your website with this premium tool.


What’s fantastic about this tool is the fact that it’s 100% free for Affilorama members. The free option comes with limited features, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium membership in order to get the full features of AffiloTools. 

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard of the tool. 


With the AffiloTools suite, you can manage and track –

  • The health of your website;
  • Keywords and SEO for ranking and backlink analysis;
  • The number of visitors to your website; 
  • Revenue from affiliate platforms it supports which includes ClickBank, Shareasale, etc; and 
  • Social Media Platforms, and more. 


The free basic option of the AffiloTools includes;

  • 1 x websites monitored
  • 10 x keywords per website
  • 2 search engines per website
  • Retrieve rankings monthly


AffiloJetpack is a designed money-making system that is supposed to help you generate sustainable income from your affiliate website, according to Affilorama. 

AffiloJetpack focused on four main components for building a profitable affiliate niche website. These components include –

  1. Professionally written email templates to help convert into sales. 
  2. Three free effective strategic reports to boost and build your email subscriber list Fast. 
  3. Complete WordPress website setup, including AffiloTheme and 12 months of free web hosting.
  4. Content creation cheatsheets that show you “how to create informative, unique articles and blog posts for your website quickly” and easily, and much more.


AffiloJetpack is quite a tool to make your work easier as an affiliate marketer. It basically does all the work for you. As an affiliate, it takes me hours to create engaging and shareable content so I was very pleased to read about this tool. 


However, the cost for this package is USD 997! very pricey but you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the results it produces within 60-days too.  


Affilorama is surely not a scam. Affilorama is one of the largest and most advanced affiliate marketing training programs in the world. It’s not the best in my opinion but gives you the results you need to be a successful entrepreneur in the affiliate marketing business. 


A great alternative to Affilorama is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform and has the largest online entrepreneurial community in the world with almost 2 million members. Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything that I needed to know about turning my passion into income. 


However, Affilorama is a popular choice by many and is a great option if you are ready to get started on your affiliate marketing training journey. 


Affilorama is for anyone that wants to learn how to make money online. You don’t need any qualifications, skills, or experiences to start your online training journey. 


It’s also a program for bloggers that wants to advance their skills and knowledge in affiliate marketing to better monetize their sites. 


If you want to learn how to find a profitable niche, become a digital marketer, and start a lucrative business online, Affilorama is for you. 



Now let us look at the Pros & Cons of Affilorama. 


  • It’s Free to join and you can also explore other basic free tools on the platform without any financial obligations;
  • You’ll get free access to tutorials, videos, and other materials to start your affiliate marketing training;
  • You’ll get great help and support from one of the largest affiliate marketing community;
  • Affilorama affiliate training program is one the best in the market; and
  • The paid membership will get you up and ready to launch your first affiliate website. Affilorama provides hosting services to WordPress website builders and a tool for you to start generating income. 



  • Free membership is limited and the premium price for the optional tools are somewhat expensive;   
  • The platform is not user friendly and it can be quite difficult for Newbies or non-techy people;
  • The training can be boring if you don’t like to read; and 
  • You don’t get direct access to the founder like you will do with products like Wealthy Affiliate.


Affilorama community members provide a lot of help and support, the response may not be as quick because it depends on the availability of community members. You can also share questions and comments within Affillorama’s forum (community). However, for a better support system, it’s best to sign up for premium membership. 



Affilorama is of great value to anyone who wants to make money on the internet. The program provides plenty of materials and tools for you to get started.  


It’s one of the best affiliate marketing training programs in the market with a large online community to guide and support you on your learning journey. 


To be honest, it’s a good choice even though the premium tools are somewhat expensive. What is important is the results it gives you to produce an income online.


If you are however interested in a more affordable affiliate marketing training program; then I HIGHLY recommend Wealthy Affiliate. 


Affilorama is definitely a great product with quality training and tools and the founder, Mark Ling is highly respected in the industry. If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing the right way, then AFFILORAMA is for you!




This eBook is the perfect guide to get you started on your online journey. It gives you 8 ways to make money online and the steps to take to start an online business. 

Download for free. 

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and I already learnt how difficult is to find decent, trustworthy platform for beginners. I tried few of them and to be fair I wasn’t fully satisfied with results, but looking on your review Affilorama may exactly what I am looking for. It has tons of trainings, supportive community and I do believe price is reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    1. Affilorama is a great learning platform for digital marketing. It has tons of free information to help anyone who wants to start an online business.
      Let us know if the platform worked for you. All the best.

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative review of Affilorama. This platform sounds like it has an incredibly large platform base. One thing that I found very appealing is their Bronze membership package. I wish Wealthy Affiliate offered something like that that was a little bit on the smaller end for people who don’t want to have a ton of websites and just want the basic training and access to the platform. 

    However, their Silver and Gold tiers in comparison to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium and Premium Plus memberships, you get far less out of Affilorama. Both platforms have their pros and cons, but it seems to me like Wealthy Affiliate might be the superior choice. I may still give Affilorama a try, since it is free to sign up.

    1. WA is definitely the best training platform in the world for Newbies and Advanced Marketers. And Affilorama is not far behind. What we like about Affilorama is the complete free information it has available for persons starting out in the online business space. We would love to hear you thoughts if you do decide to try it out. All the best.

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