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Community Social Features.

Social Wall

Share posts, images, videos and more content.

Friend Connections 

Friendship system with the ability to send, accept, or remove friendship.

Follows and Unfollow

Follow and unfollow users system like facebook and twitter.

Notifications and Notices 

Stay up to date and get notified on Likes, Comments, Group Invites, and more.

Private Messages 

Send and receive public or private messages from other Users.

Users Group

Create and manage public, private, secret groups and set admins and moderators.

Rating and Reviews

Give users the ability to rate each others and give reviews.

Social Login

Allow users to login and register via facebook, google, twitter and more

Points and Badges

To reward users with points and badges .

Bookmark Posts 

Save social wall posts to view them later and control your bookmarks privacy.

Likes System 

You can Like and unlike wall posts and see the list of people that liked a post.

Emotions and Smileys

A big list of emoticons to brighten up wall posts, comments and messages.

Comments and Replies

Comment on wall posts or reply to existing comments to express your opinion

Media Uploader

Allow users to upload images, video, audios and many more file types.

Mention Friends 

Mention other users using “@“ in posts, comments, groups feed and more.

Site Directors 

Many directories: Member directory, Groups directory, Activities directory.

Live Url Preview

When users post a url into the wall posting form it will show a live url preview.

Sticksy Posts 

Admins can pin unlimited posts in the top of the global activity wall or groups.

Site-wide Notices

You can send a site-wide notice to all your website users with one click.

Extended Profiles 

You can send a site-wide notice to all your website users with one click.



KacieBusiness.com believes that a diverse community is best served by a free and open exchange of ideas. To ensure, at all times, that robust and vibrant community ideas are maintained on our Site, we require all those who use our website to respect the limits set forth in this Policy. While we will endeavor to review any violations of this Policy on a case-by-case basis, we are a small business and have finite resources to dedicate to review communications that have been flagged for potential violations. Accordingly, there are occasions in which content will be removed under this Policy without explanation. We will endeavor to constantly improve upon the way in which we review the content on our Site.


If you believe that there is content on our website that violates our Public Discourse Policy please either use the flagging feature built into our website or email us with a link to the offensive content at: contact@kaciebusiness.com.



  • Be Respectful
  • Be Tolerant
  • Be clear about the context of your comments if there is a danger that they might be misunderstood
  • Remember that what you write enters the public domain and may be archived and copied by others; so even a comment you delete could continue to reappear.


CONTENT RESTRICTIONS (subject to removal):


  • Offensive material: Do not post any material that is profane, offensive, incendiary, misleading, abusive, obscene, harassing or would constitute hate speech. Take care not to intentionally make maliciously false statements that disparage others. Offensive material includes speech whose purpose is to incite others to act in violent or hateful way.


  • Speaking on Behalf of Anyone but Yourself: Be clear that the views you express are yours and yours alone. Material falsely attributed to others or posted under usernames that suggest a legitimate connection to a person or entity other than yourself will not be tolerated.


  • Nudity or sexual content: Do not post any material containing descriptions of sexual acts or depicting graphic sexual imagery.


  • Threatening Behavior: Threats of serious physical harm or which may cause serious psychological harm made against a specific individual or a specific group of individuals will not be tolerated. Such threats may include violent words or depictions of tools of violence, including but not limited to firearms, knives, nooses or bombs.


  • Advocating or Promoting Illegal Activities: Do not post material that advocates or promotes illegal or illicit material, including but not limited to descriptions, links, promotional materials or offers to buy, sell, or engage in the use of fraudulent services, acts of violence, illicit drugs, unlicensed gambling, counterfeit documents, or stolen credit card information.


  • Copyrighted or Other Protected Material: Respect all copyright and other intellectual property, privacy, and publicity laws. Only post material which is properly licensed, owned or in the public domain, failing which the material is subject to removal.


  • Viruses or Vulnerabilities: Do not encourage users to visit, download or use items that contain viruses or other vulnerabilities that would compromise a user’s security.



@KacieBusiness.com reserves the right at any time to make changes, modifications, alterations and/or additions to this Policy.



If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact us at contact@kaciebusiness.com.

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