In today’s world, technology is forever evolving. Millions of people around the world are now working from home and anywhere operating an online business. Online business is a continuously growing market that is full of unlimited opportunities. However, if you lack the basic knowledge and understanding coming into this world, you will be misguided by internet perpetrators. Therefore, it is vital that you take the steps necessary to build your knowledge in this world and create for yourself a successful future. 

Online training will propel you to the next level and bring you many benefits to succeed in doing what you love to earn passively for a lifetime. 


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The Largest and Best Online Training Platform In the World.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one online training platform that offers courses, tools for website building, hosting, domain registration, market research, and much more to start an online business. 


Founded in 2005, it has grown to become a community of more than 1.5 million members comprising the largest base of aspiring and successful internet entrepreneurs and marketers from 193 countries. 


The well responsive community distinguishes wealthy affiliates from other affiliate training programs and is listed as the most powerful online business-building community globally. 

*First month premium for only $19


When it comes to the Wealthy Affiliate training, they deliver as promised; it is of high quality, simple, and easy to understand. The courses show you the most effective ways to make money online while teaching and training you how to create a successful, long-term online business of your own. For the learning process to be more engaging, they provide live classes, live webinars, videos, and text-based studies to keep you interested. This all-in-one platform will get you started in the online world in no time. It is the best place to build as a newbie or an expert on the net.  


Wealthy Affiliate makes it affordable for newbies and experts to start and maintain an online business. Membership cost is $49 monthly, and yearly $495. This gives you access to the full range of features, including educational resources, live chat, private messages, domain registration, website builder, etc. The membership also covers the cost of website hosting. You also get access to a basic version of the Jaaxy suite, a world-class Keyword Research tool created by Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an all-in-one platform which makes it cost-competitive compared to purchasing those tools single-handedly. 


Wealthy Affiliate dashboard is straightforward. The platform is easy and simple to navigate, which makes it user-friendly. 


SiteRubix, the website building and hosting solution, is integrated with WordPress. This makes it easier for you to build amazing drag and drop websites in few easy steps without using complicated codes.


The wealthy Affiliate support team is superb. They attend to a member’s needs very quickly. Being a community-driven platform, their core focus is their members. 


Further, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are very involved in the community and are ready to assist you if you require assistance. You can reach out to them by using the private messaging option. The WA community is a support group and is willing to help if you reach out for support.   

Finding a credible and legit online platform that caters to all your needs to educate, support, build and connect you with successful entrepreneurs globally with the same interests is quite difficult. Wealthy Affiliate creates an environment for anyone to succeed in the online world of business.   


Note: If you are looking for a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, Wealthy Affiliate is not the place for you. This platform is for people who want to learn and create a real and serious long-term online-based business to generate passive income.  


Below is a short overview of the platform. Check it out. 



Wealthy Affiliate platform was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. Both the founders had years of blogging experience, internet marketing, and other aspects of making money online. They started Wealthy Affiliate as a keyword list membership platform and later transformed it into an educational platform for newbies and experts. Today, Wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 1.5 million aspiring and experienced internet entrepreneurs from 193 countries.




Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most active communities worldwide. This is what distinguishes the platform from other affiliate training programs. Imagine being a part of a community of successful and experienced entrepreneurs that will always help you at any time as long as you reach out to them. 


There is a live chat feature that you can use to interact with members and a private messaging feature to reach out to your peers and coach. Further, Kyle and Carson are also very active in the community, and you can interact with them on a one-on-one basis by sending them a private message. 


Apart from just been an educational platform, Wealthy Affiliate offers additional features such as website building and hosting and domain registration. Additionally, you get access to their popular market research tools to help you with your marketing journey. Most of these features though only available to premium members. 





Wealthy Affiliate offers two courses, namely Online Entrepreneur Certificate and Affiliate Bootcamp. The certificate course focuses on pushing you to become a successful internet entrepreneur, and the Bootcamp course train you to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Each course is divided into various levels. Every level deals with a specific aspect of setting up and/or promoting an online business, primarily through affiliate marketing.


The Online Entrepreneur Certification program comprises 5 levels, each level consist of 10 lessons. The lessons include study materials as well as videos, making the learning process fun and interactive. The main topics covered are:


  • Level 1 (Getting Started)
    This level helps you complete your profile, teaches you how to navigate the platform/community, guides you to identify your niche and create your website. (Included in the free account.   


  • Level 2 (Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website)
    With this level, you’ll be taught how to increase your website traffic organically using search engine optimization (SEO). Tips on how to identify the right keywords and publish keyword-rich content.


  • Level 3 (Making Money!)
    This level focuses on Wealthy Affiliate tips on how to monetize your website traffic. It teaches you about affiliate links and affiliate marketing, and more. 


  • Level 4 (Mastering Social Engagement)
    This level teaches to understand how to use various social media platforms to drive and increase website traffic.


  • Level 5 (Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation)

        At this level, you learn techniques to make your content engaging, compelling, and visually appealing.



The Affiliate Bootcamp program aims to train you into an affiliate of the platform. In other words, the course teaches you how to make money by marketing or promoting Wealthy Affiliate. This course is divided into 7 levels consisting of 10 lessons each. The topics covered in this course overlap with the Online Entrepreneur Certification program. Additionally, you will learn a lot about the subject of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Let’s take a look at levels. 


  • Level 1 (Getting Your Business Rolling)
    This level teaches you techniques to design your website and to set up your online business.


  • Level 2 (Content, Keywords, and Conversion)
    At this level, you are taught how to identify the right keywords to promote Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Level 3 (Giving Your Site Social Value)
    This level teaches you to use social media to increase website traffic and drive conversions.


  • Level 4 (Get Visual, Get Aesthetic)
    The main focus in this level is to arm you with techniques and tips to make your Wealthy Affiliate reviews visually attractive. You also learn to create text-based graphics.


  • Level 5 (Knowing Your Audience and Getting More Referrals)
    You will learn tips to create engaging content. This level also teaches you to use YouTube as a source of website traffic.


  • Level 6 (Bing, Yahoo, and PPC)
    At this level, you learn to use Bing’s Webmaster Tools and run PPC campaigns on Bing. You also learn the techniques to get your web pages indexed on Bing and Yahoo.


  • Level 7 (How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns)
    finally, at this level, you learn techniques to maximize the outcome of your PPC ads.


Additionally, live webinars and training are conducted weekly, mostly by Jay Neil,  Wealthy Affiliate Training Chief, covering various online topics. However, this feature is only available for premium members. 



SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate’s website building, and hosting tool, is integrated with WordPress. It lets you design awesome-looking websites without any complicated codes and programs. You can select from over 3,000 templates and get your website up and ready in no time.


This feature is very useful for beginners who aren’t knowledgeable about web programming. The platform also offers domain registration services. You can either register a new domain name or use a free one. If you already have a registered domain name, you can transfer it to Wealthy Affiliate. The platform also offers sophisticated website management tools to ensure that all your data is backed up and secure. 


Also, SiteRubix integration with WordPress provides you with a secure and high-speed hosting solution for your website. You also get an SSL certification for your website, which is a must nowadays. 




One of the most important tools to bring an online business to success is a market research tool. This tool is vital to have as an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur. A research tool helps you to identify the relevant keywords in your niche. It helps you stay up to date with the latest market trends and allows you to see who your competitors are.


Jaaxy, a keyword research tool created by Wealthy Affiliate founders, Kyle and Carson, is a helpful bonus integrated into the platform. The limited version called Jaxxy Lite is included for free in your membership. The Pro version costs $49 per month. Jaxxy is one of the best research tools on the market. It is suite has a Site Rank tool that lets you track your website’s search engine ranking. You can take a look at where your website ranks on various search engines.  




Wealthy Affiliate is a membership program, and it comes with a freemium membership model. The free version or Starter Package gives you limited access to various features of the platform. You can sign-up for free for the Starter Package and gain access to the Premium Package on a 7-day free trial. 


The Premium Package gives you full access to the platform’s features, and the monthly cost is $49. Check out the banner below, and you’ll see what you get for both free and premium membership. 



The helpful and proactive WA community is the platform’s biggest strength. This feature is what sets it apart from its competitors. Anyone who has been a WA member will be sworn to this. The platform is built around the concept of providing the highest and best customer support. The live chat feature lets you interact with others in real-time. This eliminates the need to rely on the WA support team to solve your queries.



Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform for aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to create a successful long-term online business. When you sign-up as a member, you get access to various educational resources, even with a free membership. These include training, webinars, study materials, live chat sessions, etc. Each training level focuses on different topics related to internet entrepreneurship, internet marketing, content creation, and much more. It’s an all-in-one platform that provides you with all the tools necessary to start on your journey to becoming a successful online entrepreneur. 


Sign up for free and check out the platform if you are interested in learning how to make money online legitimately.   



Affilorama was founded in 2006 by a successful affiliate marketer and an internet marketing coach Mark Ling. Affilorama is an award-winning online training platform for beginners and advanced online marketers who want to create success in the online space. The platform is one of the largest affiliate marketing training, with a community of over 900,000 members worldwide. They provide training lessons using a range of content mediums, including blog posts, tutorials, and videos. Members also get help and support on their learning journey to building a profitable business, and to become a member is free.  



This eBook is the perfect guide to get you started on your online journey. It gives you 8 ways to make money online and the steps to take to start an online business. 

Download for free. 

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  1. Thanks so much for providing such a thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. It seems like a great platform that is specifically helpful for newbies to affiliate marketing (like me). I find it really useful to have access to such an active community which can provide insights and helpful tips if needed. I am also really interested in Jaaxy which seems like a great tool to research the best keywords. I can’t wait to try it! 

    1. Your welcome. WA does have the strongest entrepreneurial community that will guide you on your online business journey. Jaxxy research tool is surely one of the best in the market. All the best!

  2. This is great information on Wealthy Affiliate!  I have actually been a member for over 5 years and wouldn’t think about stopping at this point.  It is just something I use daily when working on my website blog.  You cannot beat all the benefits you get and the training.  Great review!

  3. I have been looking for exactly this. A way to earn money online that is sustainable in time. I know that some people earn money playing or doing some weirtd stuff. But I would like more of a business approach. And I feel affiliate marketing is something we can do for quite a long time. So it’s worth learning.

  4. Hello there, I really like how your website is set up; it’s very appealing. When you first come across your website, you feel as if you’re in a market of various shops selling different products, and you enjoy exploring all of the website’s different features. Infact you feel that this place is the good place to learn about online marketing.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m happy that you enjoyed the user-friendliness of the platform. This platform is definitely the right place to learn about online marketing and investing :). 

  5. Wow, what an impressive website.

    It is do well laid out and professional and really sells Wealthy Affiliate.  

    Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant platform and has absolutely everything that anyone could possibly need to get their online business up and running.  From tools to training, it is all there.

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all your readers.

  6. Hello, pleased to meet you. I’ve just gone through your article on the best online training platform. I found it very inspiring and motivating too. I must agree with you that online business is growing fast in recent days and thorough knowledge is required before investing in any online business platform. I am new to Wealthy affiliates and hoping for the best as you stated it offers so much including courses, hosting and market research. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

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